Board of Directors

The Board of Directors takes an active role in the leadership of the District and has empowered District employees to become partners in the Fire and Life Safety system. The Board exercises the highest standards of conduct, and takes decisive action coupled with compassion and understanding of the communities’ needs. The Board is active with other political bodies to achieve collective action to best serve our citizens. The Board of Directors takes advantage of and creates opportunities to make a difference for the citizens they serve.

The Board of Directors meets at Station 55 the second Wednesday of each month at 9am. Meeting times and date are subject to change without notice. The public is encouraged to attend meetings. If you are intersted in attending, please check our website each month as the agenda and meeting minutes will be posted.
November Agenda


Meet the Board

Herb Colt

Herb has been a resident of Kelseyville since his family moved here in 1969. He retired from the Kelseyville Unified School District as a teacher in 2009. Herb has been a volunteer firefighter with Kelseyville Fire for over 30 years and an active member of the Board of Directors since June 2000. Herb, his wife Robyn and their daughter Melissa currently reside in the Soda Bay area.

“It is my goal to provide the finest service possible and to treat everyone as family.”


More Board Members coming to the website soon!