Board of Directors

The Board of Directors takes an active role in the leadership of the District and has empowered District employees to become partners in the Fire and Life Safety system. The Board exercises the highest standards of conduct, and takes decisive action coupled with compassion and understanding of the communities’ needs. The Board is active with other political bodies to achieve collective action to best serve our citizens. The Board of Directors takes advantage of and creates opportunities to make a difference for the citizens they serve.

The Board of Directors meets at Station 55 which is located at 4020 Main Street, Kelseyville, CA 9545, on the second Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m.  The public is encouraged to attend meetings. If you are interested in attending, please check our website each month as the agenda and meeting minutes will be posted. Below you will find the agendas from previous months if you would like to get caught up.

In addition to the information found below, please note that all meetings are recorded. The recordings are public record and available upon request for review.

To request a copy of the audio board meetings, please contact the Clerk to the Board, Kristina Navarro at or call 707-279-4268.


Agendas & Minutes from FY 2018/19
August 2018 – Agenda
August 2018 – Minutes
September 2018 – Agenda
September 2018 – Minutes
October 2018 – Agenda

October 2018 – Minutes
November 2018 – Agenda

November 2018 – Minutes

December 2018 – Agenda

December 2018 – Minutes

January 2019 – Agenda

January 2019 – Minutes

February 2019 – Agenda

February 2019 – Minutes

February 2019 Special Meeting – Agenda

February 2019 – Special Meeting Minutes

March 2019 – Agenda

March 2019 – Special Meeting Agenda

April 2019 – Agenda




Meet the Board

John “JT” Traller- Chairman








After moving into the District in 2011, the high fire hazard in the area led to my interest in the Fire Department. Once trained, I joined the volunteer staff in 2014, and continue to this day. When the elections for the Fire District Board of Directors came up in 2017, it seemed like another opportunity to serve the District. As a resident of the District, and a volunteer in the Fire Department, it seemed like I might have a unique viewpoint to offer in support of our community. It is a pleasure to speak with my constituents and the Department staff at any time, to hear your thoughts and ideas. Thank you for your decision to elect me; it is an honor to serve you.

Thank you.

Steve Brookes- Director






I have been involved in the fire service most of my life.  While in Kelseyville High School I was a volunteer fire fighter/EMT. In college I was able obtain one of six positions as student-firefighter at the University of California Santa Cruz. We provided first responder services for both fire and medical emergencies on campus and as well as mutual aid to other agencies. During time home from college I continued to respond to calls as a Kelseyville Fire Protection District volunteer. While in college I also worked as  a paid call fire fighter/EMT for the Soquel Fire Department when I lived off campus.

I have served as a director on the Kelseyville Fire Protection District for over 30 years. During this time the District was able to expand its paramedic program, began an Inter Facility Transfer program to fill the need for non-emergency transports, acquired land and construct a new fire station and hired additional personnel to better serve the District. I welcome comments/concerns/suggestions that will keep our department delivering quality emergency services to all our citizens and visitors to beautiful Lake County. I am especially grateful to our extremely supportive community and well trained staff that make me proud to be a member of our special organization.

Felicia Burguin (Bridges)- Director





I moved to Lake County in 2000 and started working for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department as an emergency dispatcher.  dispatched both Law Enforcement & Fire as well as was on the Critical Incident Debriefing Team. In 2006, I left the Sheriff’s Department and started with the District Attorneys office where currently am employed as an Investigative Assistant.   Prior to moving here I worked as an emergency dispatcher for the City of Santa Maria Police Department and was the Director of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Project for 8 years. I also did volunteer work with the City of Lompoc Police Department working on DUI check points and helping to produce the local weekly television show “Police Beat”. I have always believed in a good work ethic, being an honest person and above all to do what is right.  I strive to live that each and every day.  I believe in transparent government as it is imperative to public trust.  The taxpayers deserve the best department and services we can provide and in doing that we improve the working conditions for all our employees as well.



Dave Borjon- Vice Chairman







Dave moved to Kelseyville in 1965 to accept a teaching position at Kelseyville High School. He taught in the Kelseyville Unified School District for 36 years. He is an active Lions member and was the founder of the Lake County Sheriff’s Activity League and has provided leadership to that organization for the past twenty years. Dave believes strongly in giving back to the community through leadership and service which is why he is serving on the board.


Paul Lauenroth- Director
Bio coming soon




Herb Colt (Retired) – Chaplain

After 43 years of dedicated service to the Board of Directors, we would like to congratulate Herb Colt on his retirement from the Kelseyville Fire Protection District Board! Congrats Herb!!!!


More Board Members coming to the website soon!