Agricultural Burn Permits & Smoke Management Plans


Agricultural Burning is permitted only on burn days unless an economic hardship exemption permit has been issued. Routine agricultural burning is performed under a general permit. A Smoke Management Plan is required for burning orchards, large land conversions, vineyard removal projects, standing brush, forest understory, multi-day and multi-location bums. For more information regarding burning after May 15t contact the Lake County Air Quality Management District. An exemption burn permit may be obtained depending on your circumstances. Contact the Lake County Air Quality Management District if you have any questions at 707-263-7000.
Do not burn unless clearance and weather conditions are fire safe. Tree stump or whole tree burns shall occur oniy on extended burn days. On limited burn days, material should be burned down to embers and not releasing significant amounts of smoke by 3pm.
It is illegal to burn: poison oak, oleander, demolition and construction debris, treated or painted wood, plastics, tires, rubber, and garbage. Only dry vegetation grown on the property may be burned. Burn piles must be reasonably free of dirt, soil, and moisture. You are responsible for ensuring that your fire is free of illegal materials.
All material to be burned shall be arranged, ignited and managed so that it will burn with a minimum of smoke and not transport into residential areas.
Vegetation shall be dried as follows:
1. Trees and branches over six (6) inches in diameter: sixty (60) days.
2. Vines and brush: thirty (30) days.
3. Prunings and smaller branches: fifteen (15) days.
4. Field crops, brush and weeds cut in a green condition: seven (7) days.
5. Other materials: drying time will be determined by the designated agency.
6. Designated agencies may modify the above drying times as conditions warrant.
Be aware of and manage smoke from your burn. You are responsible for nuisance and health effects upon others and may be responsible for costs of medical treatment, property damage, and fire suppression, as well as fines. Many of the elderly and young children are especially sensitive to smoke.
Please consider alternative vegetation disposal methods such as mowing, discing, rototilling, composting, or chipping.
Composting & Chipping Information:
Lake County Fire Safe Council Chipper: 279-2968
South Lake Fire Safe Council Chipper: 928-5232
Composting Hotline: 263-1980
Master Gardeners: 263-6838
Refuse Service & Green Waste Pickup Information:
County Waste Solutions 263-7682
South Lake Disposal 994-8613
Lakeport Disposal 263-6080

Smoke Plan Required from Air Quality If Checked:
Complaint History FPD Request Multi-Day Fire (overnight burning) Smoke Impact Potential
More Than I Acre: Standing Vegetation, Tules, or Whole Vine or Tree Removal Non-Adjacent Lots or Parcels
1. The permit is issued to the applicant and is valid for agricultural burning at the location described above on designated burn
days and hours only.
2. The burn shall not be located in a public road or public roadway ditch. This permit is not valid where locally prohibited.
3. Burning at multi-family residential locations, resorts, trailer parks, and all commercial and industrial sites is illegal.
4. All burning done in accordance with this pennit must be carried out in the presence of an able-bodied, responsible adult who shall
remain in charge of the burn until material to be burned is completely consumed.
5. All burning is to be confined within a cleared firebreak, adequate to prevent it from escaping control.
6. A water supply capable of extinguishing the fire shall be available at the burn site. This permit must be on site during burn.
7. This permit is valid only for burning dry vegetation that was grown on this property.
8. Small amounts of clean, dry, non-glossy paper and cardboard may be used to ignite pile.
9. Material to be burned shall be free of illegal materials including but not limited to: poison oak, oleander, treated or painted
wood, rubber, plastics, tarpaper, construction or demolition debris, metal, and materials producing
toxc smoke.
10. Vegetation must be dried and free of dirt. No green or wet vegetation may be burned. See back side for required drying times.
11. This permit is suspended on no burn days and at all times of critical fire conditions as declared by the State Forester, Calfire, by
proclamation of the Governor, the Lake County Board of Supervisors, or Fire Chief.
12. Any violation of the terms and conditions of this permit renders this permit void.
13. No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly the wind) are such that burning can be considered safe and
smoke does not cause harm or damage to adjacent persons or property.
14. Lake County AQMD or Designated Fire Agencies shall have free access of entry for the purposes of inspection, monitoring or
securing samples for the purpose of determining compliance with this permit.
15. Burn must be managed to minimize smoke and conducted to avoid smoke impacts to neighbors.
16. Burn pile must be located a minimum of 100 feet from any structures and any adjacent residences.
17. This permit is valid only on those days during which agricultural burning is not prohibited by the State Air Resources Board.
18. Unless otherwise specified below burning shall be confined to 9am through 3pm on permissive burn days except for grass, leaf, or
field crops which shall be 11am through 3pm.
19. Call: North County at 263.3121 or South County at 994.4444 for burn day status prior to igniting fire.