Serving its community proudly since 1925

For many years, as the town of Kelseyville grew, there was no organized fire protection. The main fire protection consisted of farmers who would respond to smokes with spray rigs. For most residential fires, if the homeowner couldn’t stop the fire on their own, the home would burn to the ground. Help was too little too late. In May of 1925, the Board of Supervisors appointed a Board of Fire Commisioners for Kelseyville Fire Department. Two years later in July of 1927 the Fire Comissioners completed a small fire house at the site of the former Tredway House today where a chemical engine would be housed until the 1940’s. After World War II, the population of Kelseyville began to grow rapidly and the residents wanted more services. The first two main areas of growth were the town itself, and an area from the west side of Kelsey Creek toward Finley which was and is currently known as “Big Valley.” Efforts were made to facilitate the need for more fire suppression capability. In 1944 when Dority’s “Food Center” burned to the ground, the Kelseyville school district donated a 1926 Buick school bus to be converted according to the needs of the fire dept. The conversion was done by local gunsmith and mechanic Seth Waite. It was equipped with 200 gallons of water and a PTO pump. It was powered by a 6 cylinder engine on a GMC chassis. In addition, the town donated the livery stable for a fire house and in 1958 the Kelseyville-Big Valley Fire Protection District was established.

Soon after with the growth of the community, the residents of the “Soda Bay” area requested for additional fire suppression and the fire district agreed to park an engine at the “Edgewater Resort.” There were many changes and growth visible in the years followed which included:

-1964 Radios were installed into all of the apparatus
-1978 Department purchased its first ambulance (pictured below) and became an ALS transporting agency.

1992 Kelseyville Fire Protection District upgraded their staff from EMT-II to EMT-Paramedic
1993- Station 57 purchased.






1999- Inter-Facility Transport program established.
2000- Property where current fire station sits was purchased.

The Kelseyville Fire Protection District continued to grow in the years to follow and strives to stay progressive with the rapid evolution of the fire service. Today the department is an “all risk” transporting agency that staffs 2 stations which operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Between the 2 stations, the department operates under the direction of the Fire Chief, Battalion Chief and prevention officer with 4 personnel on each shift. There are 3 shifts that cycle on a 48/96 rotation. In addition, the department staffs 3 full time EMT-Bs’ and 3 full time Paramedics to staff an ALS inter-faclilty transfer ambulance. The department also has a pool of volunteer firefighters as well as part-time employees to staff a second inter-facility transfer ambulance when the need arises.