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LAKE COUNTY AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT- “The mission of the Lake County Air Quality Management District (LCAQMD) is to maintain healthful ambient air quality for the residents and visitors of the Lake County Air Basin. The Air Basin is a federally and state recognized geographical area that is the same as the county boundary. The District is a regional agency, created by the state, that regulates stationary sources of air pollution within the Lake County Air Basin. These sources include industrial developments such as The Geysers Geothermal Power Generation as well as commercial businesses with air emissions such as mining operations and gasoline stations. The District also regulates open burning and is delegated a variety of other programs such as state Air Toxic Control Measures (ATCMs) and federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPSs). The main purpose of the LCAQMD is to enforce local, state, and federal air quality laws, rules and regulations in order to meet the Ambient Air Quality Standards (AAQSs), and protect the public from air toxics through local regulation, state ARB ATCM and federal EPA NESHAP specific control regulations.”

COUNTY OF LAKE “Lake County is in Northern California, north of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is slightly inland from the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Glenn, Colusa, and Yolo counties.Lake County covers an area of 1,327 square miles. The highest peak in Lake County is Snow Mountain at 7,056 feet in the wilderness area of the Mendocino National Forest.”

SUTTER LAKESIDE HOSPITAL“Serving residents of Lake County and surrounding communities, Sutter Lakeside Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital accredited by the Joint Commission.”

SAINT HELENA HOSPITAL, CLEARLAKE “As part of Adventist Health, St. Helena Hospital provides the best in whole-person, compassionate care. Through our integrated system of hospitals and clinics, we offer comprehensive big-city-quality health services here in our communities. Our goal is to help you Live Younger Longer.”

LAKEPORT FIRE DISTRICT– “Lakeport Fire District is an independent fire district. We are located in the county seat ofLakeCounty, on the westshoreofClearLake,California’s largest natural fresh-water lake. Lakeport Fire responds to over 2,600 calls per year including structure and wildland Fires, vehicle accidents, and medical aid. Our Main Station (Station 50) is staffed with 4 personnel on duty at all times. We are a combination department, paid and volunteer. Our paid staff includes 1 Chief, 3 Captains, 6 Firefighters, and 1 District Secretary. Our volunteer staff includes 1 Deputy Chief, 3 Lieutenants, 5 Fire Apparatus Engineers, and 14 Firefighters.”

LAKE COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT– ” The primary mission of the Lake County Fire District is to provide a range of programs designed to protect lives
and property of the inhabitants therein from the adverse effects of fire, sudden medical emergencies, and or, exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or

NORTHSHORE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT– “The mission of the Northshore Fire Protection District is to protect lives, the environment, and property by providing prompt, skillful, and cost effective fire protection and life safety services.”

LAKE COUNTY SHERIFFS’ OFFICEThe vision and mission of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is to achieve recognition
as a premier 21st century law enforcement agency. The Sheriff’s primary objectives
are to solve, reduce, and prevent crime and to build a unified and effective workforce through internal clarity of direction and an expectation of accountability, consistency
and continuous improvement.”

CAL FIRE “The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) is an emergency response and resource protection department. CAL FIRE protects lives, property and natural resources from fire; responds to emergencies of all types, and protects and preserves timberlands, wildlands, and urban forests. The department’s varied programs work together using ongoing assessments of the condition of natural resources and challenges of an increasing population to plan protection strategies for California. Department personnel and equipment are a familiar sight throughout the state with responsibility for protecting over 31 million acres of California’s privately-owned wildlands, and providing emergency services of all kinds through local government agreements within 35 of California’s 58 counties. Fire and Emergency Response.”

OFFICE OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE FIRE MARSHAL “The mission of the State Fire Marshal is to protect life and property through the development and application of fire prevention engineering, education and enforcement. The Office of the State Fire Marshal supports the mission of the CAL FIRE by focusing on fire prevention. The Office of the State Fire Marshal provides support through a wide variety of fire safety responsibilities including: regulating buildings in which people live, congregate, or are confined; by controlling substances and products which may, in and of themselves, or by their misuse, cause injuries, death and destruction by fire; by providing statewide direction for fire prevention within wildland areas; by regulation of hazardous liquid pipelines; by developing and reviewing regulations and building standards; and by providing training and education in fire protection methods and responsibilities. These achievements are accomplished through several major program elements including engineering, education, enforcement and support from the State Board of Fire Services.”


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