Air Ambulance Services

Due to the fact that we live in such a rural area, there are certain medical services that are unavailable in our community. As a result of this, it is not uncommon for our health care professionals to utilize the services offered by air ambulance providers such as REACH Air Medical, CalStar and on a more rare occasion, Enloe Flight Care.

Kelseyville Fire Protection District is proud to work closely with these highly skilled and professional providers. In order to ensure that our community receives the best services, we train on a annual basis together and strive to be progressive in patient care interventions as well as techniques that make your experience the best and safest it can be.

Is your family covered?
Did you know that depending on the insurance coverage you carry, you may be left with paying a large portion of your bill after being transported via air ambulance? These costs can be in the thousands of dollars! There is however a solution, most air ambulance providers offer a membership to families or individuals. Specific details for each membership vary from provider to provider but carrying membership could potentially ensure that your flight is covered at no extra cost to you if the need arises.

Check out the local air ambulance providers for more details!

REACH Air Medical
Enloe Flight Care
*As stated earlier, it is on rare occasion that Enloe services are required as a majority of our needs are facilitated by either CalStar or REACH.