Inter-Facility Transport Program


In cooperation with Sutter Lakeside Hopsital, St Helena Hospital Clearlake, VeriHealth as well as REACH Air Medical, Kelseyville Fire Protection District offers both Advanced Life Support and Critical Care transportation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This program was designed to provide transportation services to the critically sick and injured patients to hospitals in and out of the area when services they need are otherwise unavailable. This program is also available to those that are bed ridden and need transportation from their home to the hospital in non- emergent situations. Lastly, it is available in the case of needing transportation from the hospital to their residence when bed ridden.

Often times, when someone becomes critically ill and they need to be transferred to another hospital, they are transported via air ambulance. There are times however when the weather does not permit flight. In these times the Inter-Facility Transport Program is utilized. It is also utilized on a very frequent basis for patients that are in need for transfer however their condition is not critical enough to warrant an air ambulance.

If you are in need of arranging transportation for a family member via ambulance in a non-emergent situation or have any questions about the program, give us a call at our headquarters station at (707) 279-4268.

**NOTE: Please be aware that in order for your transport to be covered by your insurance you will need to have a “Physicians Medical Necessity” for transport form. These forms are available upon request when you call to arrange transport.